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It says in Megillat Kohelet (Ecclesiastes) 8:8:

"Man is not in control of the wind, to be able to confine the wind, and he has no authority on the day of death. There is no substitution in war, nor does evil escape him to whom it belongs"

Once there were twin sisters who were married and lived in different towns. One of the sisters caused her husband to be suspicious of her. He decided to bring her to Yerushalayim (Jerusalem) to take the "test of the bitter waters." If she were truly guilty, she would blow up like a balloon and die a horrible death. If she were innocent, Hashem would reward her and her husband with peace in their household and beautiful children.

Now, the wife in question had a problem; she was, in fact, guilty.

On her way to Yerushalayim, she stopped into her sister's home. How could she drink the "bitter waters" when she knew she would die?

Her sister had the answer.

She had always been faithful to her husband and did not fear the bitter waters. Since they looked exactly alike, they could trick everyone… even death! So the sisters switched clothes and the innocent sister continued on in her guilty sister's place.

As it turned out, the twin went before the Sanhedrin, drank the bitter waters and was found to be innocent. She immediately headed back to her hometown to switch identities with her sister. The two hugged and kissed with joy and relief, certain that they had cheated death.

Suddenly, the guilty sister smelled the odor of the bitter waters coming from her sister's mouth. The scent entered her own mouth and she immediately began to feel her body swell up. She died a horrible death for her sins.

As the sages explain:

Man cannot control the wind ( breath) in the air; Nor can he avoid the day of his death, even if you send one person out to war instead of another; Finally, evil will always find its way to the one to whom it belongs.

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