AKIVA ATWOOD - Fall 1997


Welcome to the latest addition to HORIZONS ' Untangling the Web, in which we give you information about Web sites you might want to check out. Unlike other lists, ours has a very simple goal - to find the Web sites that are good for you, our readers. We're looking for content that is suitable for the Jewish family. We're not interested in hype or glitz, and we're sure you aren't either.

Ultimately, you have to decide what's acceptable for your children (and you, for that matter) to see on the Web. Untangling the Web is only a guide. (In other words, don't blame us if you disagree with something on the site.)

We're always on the lookout for new sites, so send your recommendations to untanglingtheweb@targum.com. And be sure to check out our constantly updated list of sites at www.targum.com - see the HORIZONS pages for Untangling the Web.

And now, we present our first "untangled" Web site.


The Torah Tots, with two tapes out, now have their own home page. Who (or better, what) are the Torah Tots, you ask? Well, in the words of their creator, Mr. Reuven A. Stone:



WELCOME to the world of Torah Tots - a world in which the traditions that we, as Jews, hold most dear, come to life in a swirl of splendor. The Torah Tots teach important Jewish lessons in a notably unique fashion that will keep children (and, we dare say, adults) entertained for hours at a time!

Talmi D. Torah (the Torah Scroll), Beano Becher (the Kiddush Kup), HardyHar Sinai (the Mountain), and their mascot Tubby the Tevah ("Ark! Ark!") come alive, broadening the smiles or children with each passing number. Baruch McBracha is the mayor of Totsland and our "tour guide." With a lively Scottish brogue, he pops up during many songs, broadening a child's understanding or concepts with encouraging parables and witticisms.

Along the way, the Yetzer HaTov (Good Inclination) and the Yetzer HaRa (Evil Inclination) make a not-to-miss duet in a rap about the laws of lashon hara.


From the home page, your children can:

1. Learn more about the Torah Tots - who they are and what they do.

2. Hear samples from both Torah Tots tapes. To do so requires a sound card and the Real-Audio 3 program. The Torah Tots page has links to download it.

3. Review the parashah via an entertaining summary, games, and pictures to color. The parashah summary is written for children, and, while accurate, some parents might not approve of the light and humorous tone.

4. Learn about (and order) the Torah link collecting cards. jumping on the card-collecting craze among youngsters there are already five series available: Rabbanim, Tanach, Hashem's Creatures, Ancient Coins, and Synagogues. Rabbi Eli Teitelbaum supervised the gathering and writing of the fact-filled information on each card.

5. Educational material (not yet available for review).

6. Torah Tots Live - while not yet available, this will be the site for checking the schedule for live performances.


While the site has its commercial side, the educational parts make it a welcome site for children. If they happen to be fans of the Torah Tots, so much the better. Check it out.

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