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Shabbat Reminder List for Friday Afternoon at Home

Tzedakah Box
Candle Holders
Shabbat Candles
Objects on the Shabbat Table:
     Tablecloth, decorations, flowers, etc.
     Kiddish cup(s)
     Wine and/or grape juice
     Challot (two loaves or small challah rolls, pita)
     Challah bread board or plate with challah cover
     Challah knife
Handwashing cup and towel
Siddur (Prayerbook) or Shabbat booklet that includes the Kiddush, Shabbat Zemirot (songs) and Birchat HaMazon (Grace After Meals).
Additional Shabbat preparations: ___________________________________

You may want to post this list on your refrigerator and assign one or more tasks to each family member. If your family is unfamiliar with some Shabbat experiences, try to incorporate something new each week!

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