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And now, before the Parade begins again,


Reuven A. Stone:


Dear Friends,
It is now TWENTY FIVE years since we completed the first installment of PARSHA ON PARADE.

We thank you

Wow! This year in particular has really been an incredible year! We completely revamped the entire Parsha On Parade weekly presentation... The layout is more colorful and exciting and there are many more pictures for each Parsha. I've said in the past that it is amazing to go through every parsha and watch the flow from beginning to end. And once again, I have a much greater understanding of the "time warps" that pop up throughout the Torah that can get very tricky.

And now, the Reuven A. Stone thank you section: I don't think that Menachim Shimanowitz gets enough credit in this website venture of ours. I pop up with drawings and do my writing every couple of years and make a splash. But Menachim is the steady one who, week in and week out uploads the weekly portions, the banners that have to be updated for holidays, makes sure the site works and is ready to be enjoyed and relied upon every week. He edits my writing and writes many of the important sections himself, like the holidays, learning is fun, all about...

As if he doesn't have enough to do with this site, I push in the creative ideas that I have swirling in my head. New layouts, interactive concepts that are always on our drawing board. A video and interactive puzzle section. making the new parsha images clickable and downloadable full size.

Is that enough about Menachim? No. Because I didn't actually say "Thank you! Thank you, Menachim.

That will have to do for this year. In the meantime, there are a few more people I would like to give honorable mention:

Reizl Malka Hupert, a great friend and greatest influence in my Torah life. She has been the backbone of all my projects over the past few years with her great encouragement and unique understanding of Torah.

My greatest Morah of all time, who was my first Morah when we became frum. Morah Tova, whom I have told the story of in several places in the Parsha on Parade Weekly Newsletter, was my first grade Hebrew teacher and the one who taught me about every Jewish holiday, plus how to daven and read Hebrew. This is a special anniversary year of the greatest Morah of all molding my young mind into what it has become (is that a complement?). But seriously, my greatest Hakaras Hatov goes to Morah Tova.

To Shloimy Bluth, voice of the Torah Tots who has brought the Torah Tots to life for so many kids. And brought my music to life and given me a voice I never would have had. Over 170 of my songs are touched by his magic.

My family, children and grandchildren who give me a lot of nachas (even when it has to be pureed and force fed to me). No matter what, I am happy we are able to share this Torah Tots experience. These kinderlach are a great inspiration!

And there you have it. Whew!

The Parsha was updated this year with the intention of publishing the entire Parsha on Parade series. So stay tuned for bigger and greater things that are on the horizon. Now go to the home page and start learning Parsha again and again and again!


And now,

Menachim Z. Shimanowitz:

It's our TWENTY FIFTH, and best year yet.

My other computer work pays the bills, but TORAH TOTS brings me a great deal of personal satisfaction. It's been a very fulfilling year, judging by the email (and calls) we receive from thousands of you around the world. We appreciate, read and try to answer every single one of them. (not always on time). It makes our efforts so worthwhile, so keep them coming.

We are still looking for generous SPONSORS and ADVERTISERS, which would enable us to really expand and add even more new features. Reuven and I have tons of ideas, but we do not have the financial wherewithal and therefore the time to put them to fruition.

We now have a Shabbat section and a Mezuza section.
We have enhanced the Shabbat section with marvelous Coloring Pages of the 39 Melachot. We hope you enjoy them.

We released a BRAND NEW REVISED 64 PAGE HARDCOVER TORAHTOTS FAMILY HAGGADAH which is sure to become a classic as did our first edition softcover 48 page version which is sold out.


Twenty two years ago TES (Torah Education Software) joined with us to produce a series of INTERACTIVE MULTIMEDIA CDs based on the Parsha material from this web site, with MANY, MANY more features. The entire SEFER (the book of) BEREISHIT was introduced to exciting reviews. Read the FIVE STAR review from the JERUSALEM POST.




Vol. V - SEFER DEVARIM was released to similar five star reviews.

And now to the THANK YOU Section.

First of all, Thank You - Reuven Stone, for the tireless work you put into the incomparable graphics on this site. Whatever I ask for, and whenever I ask for it, Reuven is always up to the task and comes up with beautiful works of art. Your rewrite work is the best.

A very special Thanks to my loving and dear wife, Yocheved, for putting up with my late hours, (I've got a computer business to run during the day), in order to get the Torah Tots material out on time, (usually), and for being the first reader of the rough cut, adding her thoughtful observations.

To my dear and lovely daughter, Devora Leah and son-in-law, Mendel Goldberg, -- To my dear son, Dov Meir, and my dear and lovely daughter-in-law, Esti, for their ongoing encouragement and support.

And lastly, about my Nachas -
my Grandchildren and Great Grandchildren (KN'H):

Eli Goldberg, Moti Goldberg and his wife Racheli their daughter Atara Feiga and son Shimon. Yaakov Goldberg, Chani Goldberg, along with Michoel Shimanowitz and his wife Ayala B, son Shimon and daughters Naomi Perel and Leah. Yitzi and Ayala Calek (Shimanowitz), Faigy Shimanowitz, Yitzchok Shimanowitz and Yeshaya Shimanowitz. The Nachas these children bring to my life is immeasurable. Making the website for them alone would be worth it. Thanks also, for the help you gave me in testing the BEREISHIT, SHMOT, VAYIKRA, BAMIDBAR and DEVARIM CD's.

And Finally I thank the Ribono Shel Olam, for all the good and Chesed you continue to show me.

Menachim Z. Shimanowitz
September 12, 2021

Midrash Maven
See the Midrash Maven on V'zot Habracha

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