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Blind Justice Because of Tshuva, (repentance), senior citizens have been attributing their aches and pains to Yitzchok for thousands of years. The funny thing is, he wanted it that way.

As Yitzchok grew older, he was still able to run laps around Har (Mt.) Hamoriah. You might think that this is a good thing, but, in fact, Yitzchok thought the contrary. He figured that if a person were healthy all his life, he'd put off doing Tshuva before his death. After all, if you're healthy, you think about life! But if you suffer in this world, you'll be reminded of the painful punishment in the next world if you don't do Tshuva before you die.

Yitzchok prayed to Hashem for the elderly to experience aches and pains. Hashem responded and made Yitzchok the first of the chronic sufferers... Hashem made Yitzchok blind!

Two more reasons for Yitzchok becoming blind:

  1. It was all part of the plan to get Yaakov the Brachot (blessings). When Yaakov entered his father's tent, pretending to be Esav, he had one major advantage: Yitzchok could not see him. With a hairy piece of goat's skin covering his arm, Yaakov passed for Esav with flying colors.

  2. The blindness was a punishment for giving Esav too much recognition. Esav was an evil man. But Yitzchok was taken with the way Esav fulfilled the mitzvah to honor one's father. This is considered bribery. Like the Torah says (Shmot 23:8): "Do not accept a bribe, for the bribe will blind... etc....."

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