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The Wisdom Of The Children Of Jerusalem

No children were as wise as those of Jerusalem. Rabbi Yehoshua described a time when he was traveling on the road to Jerusalem. Outside of the city, he came across a youngster who held in his hand a pot that was covered.

“What do you have within that covered pot, my child?” asked Rabbi Yehoshua.

The child looked at him and replied: “It seems to me that if my mother had wanted people to know what was in the pot she would not have told me: “Cover it…”

Continuing further, Rabbi Yehoshua came upon a small girl who was drawing water from a well.

“I pray you, draw me some water from your well,” he asked. “I will draw water both for you and your donkey,” replied the child.

Rabbi Yehoshua was deeply impressed by this and when she had finished drawing the water for him and his donkey, he said:

“You know, my child, you have acted today just as your mother Rebeccah did in ancient times.”

The girl smiled and answered:

“Yes, I have acted like Rebeccah but you have not acted like Eliezer (who gave her gifts).”

The Athenian

Still another time, an Athenian came upon a boy in Jerusalem and, giving him money, asked him to bring him some cheese and eggs. When the boy returned, the Athenian sought to have fun with him.

“Tell me, my child, which of these cheeses comes from a white goat and which from a black one?”

“You are wiser than I, Sire,” replied the child. “Tell me first which of these eggs comes from a black chicken and which from a white chicken?”

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